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Bright Road Farms

BRF Container Mockup.jpg

These easily transportable, efficient systems can be placed anywhere, allowing for unlimited locations, not constricted by space or climate. To date, containers of this type have become parts of local food initiatives with grocery stores, restaurants, schools, non-profits, community centers, municipal projects, and more.

Mission driven, Bright Road Farms will operate with a broad set of success criteria... create jobs, financial sustainability, and entrepreneurial opportunities while helping to achieve both social and food justice for at-risk-youth in underserved communities. In another lane... Triage... Deploy a BRF Container farm and crew to serve and train communities in desperate need regardless of location or climate.

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Bright Road Poster.png

Bright Road, a 1953 low-budget film, is the first feature film appearance by Harry Belafonte, who co-stars as the principal of a school. Featuring a nearly all-black cast, the film stars Dorothy Dandridge as an idealistic first-year elementary school teacher trying to reach out to a problem student, and ultimately succeeds. It is in the spirit of this film showcasing the positive results that come from investing in our at-risk-youth, that we have adopted the “Bright Road” moniker.

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